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Get Equipped With Sound Biblical Teaching Today!

Our courses, mainly in video and audio formats, equip you through sound biblical teaching so that you can interpret the word of God correctly. They provoke you to think, learn and understand what the Lord is saying to us today. They are also relevant to the complex times we live in and encourage practical applications in our everyday life. Each course is divided into 10- minute modules, making the entire learning experience highly manageable.  They are perfect for those who would like to go through a diligent study of the word but have no inclination to attend bible college.

At the end of each course, you will be given a certificate for that course after the successful completion of a short quiz. We will be adding more courses as we go along. Do watch this space!

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Our FIRST and FREE Introductory course ‘Understanding the Bible’ is being developed currently. It covers the basic foundation for making any study of the Word most enriching and engaging. Do sign up with us so that we can notify you as soon as the course is launched!

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Five Ways Our Online Courses Can Help You

  • Tailor made for working professionals – both lay Christians and lay Christian leaders who are keen to know the word. Our courses serve as a bridge for those who want something more than an unstructured Bible study and something less rigorous than a formal bible education.

  • Ease of access – You can take our courses from anywhere, anytime . Even during your regular office commute time or during the waiting periods of everyday life. Our courses are especially useful for those who have no access to Biblical teaching or any formal instruction in the word and those living in far flung areas with no access even to a church.

  • Comprehensive coverage – They help you study the bible in context, develop a biblical word view, grow in knowledge and faith and equip you to engage with the Word and the World intelligently and in a relevant manner.

  • Fit it right into your regular schedule. Each course is not more than 1 hour, split into 6 10-min learning modules. This helps you to spread out your learning based on your convenience.

  • Highly Affordable – minimal costs, maximum benefits.