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I’m a lay person. How will your courses help me? 2017-11-09T10:24:40+00:00

All of us, from all walks of life, are invited to know the Lord better through our study of His Word so that we may grow in maturity and character, and be equipped for works of service. God Himself renews our minds as we study the word prayerfully, and a renewed mind results in a transformed life! Our online resources take you through a systematic study of the Word and help you understand biblical themes and the big picture – God’s redemptive plan for mankind unfolding through history, His progressive revelation of Himself from Genesis to Revelation and His plan and purpose for each of us today.

How much time will I have to commit? 2017-11-09T09:08:28+00:00

Not more than 30 minutes for each learning module. Because we ourselves have worked in the corporate world for many years, we know how challenging it is to juggle work with the rest of life. So we have split the courses in such a way that they don’t require you to set aside big blocks of time. In fact, you can even take these courses on the go – in those waiting periods of everyday life!  In addition to these courses, you can also explore our free resources.

I’m not the academic type. Do I have to understand a lot of jargon?  2017-11-09T10:26:44+00:00

The short answer is no. Wherever required, we will clarify the usage of words that have lost their original meaning through overuse or sound a bit intimidating because we are unfamiliar with their meaning in the first place. Take the word theology for instance – it is nothing but a study of God. It comes from the Greek words theos, which means “God,” and logos, which means “word.” So, in the simplest sense, theology is the study of God’s word. Which is what you do every time you read your Bible.

That said, we understand your reservations about complex terms or jargon – and as life-long learners ourselves, we have tailored your learning experiences to ensure that you are not overwhelmed by complex terms or an overly formal approach.  Our courses are conversational and in everyday language. Where it is necessary to deal with biblical concepts/terms, be assured that simple explanations will be given.

What are the practical benefits of this program? 2017-11-09T10:31:36+00:00

God’s purposes in revealing Himself through the Word is for entirely practical reasons! “… the holy scriptures are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus”. 2 Tim 3:15

Salvation doesn’t just refer to the forgiveness of our sins, but it includes the entire redemptive plan of God to redeem and restore mankind, and all of creation. The Bible unfolds God’s plan. And we as allow our minds to be transformed by His Word, we are in a position to play an active part in that plan by applying our faith in God-honoring ways to partner with Him in fulfilling His plan through us.  He helps us live wisely, productively, meaningfully, making a positive impact in the lives of others! We can only give to others what we have – and as we offer hope to a lost, hurting, dying world desperately searching for life, meaning, purpose and fulfilment, we pray and trust that our learning resources will better equip you to do that in the most practical ways.

What approach do you follow? 2017-11-09T10:32:22+00:00

We don’t thrust our views on you but point you to the Bible itself for answers and encourage you to use the God-given faculty of reason for His glory. We believe that the best way to learn anything is by asking questions. Our learning materials are thought provoking, encourage you to raise questions and try and anticipate the kind of questions you might have. We guide you to relevant scriptures to arrive at answers yourself.

Our team is from various denominational backgrounds. We have a passion for equipping believers across denominational barriers, focusing on what we agree upon (the centrality of the Gospel) rather than what we disagree on (minor, peripheral doctrinal differences that very often divide the body of Christ). On matters where there is no one conclusive point of view, our aim is to provoke you to think for yourself by presenting various viewpoints supported by biblical evidence wherever present, thereby enabling you to arrive at an informed and reasonable faith.

So far, so good, but are the courses expensive? 2017-11-09T10:10:11+00:00

Not at all. Our courses (soon-to-be-launched) cost no more than what you would be spending monthly for a cup of coffee or chai and snacks every day. We firmly believe that the study of the Word of God should be accessible to everyone, and not just to a privileged few. So our model is to have reasonably priced courses, so that more and more people can benefit from them. The profits from them will go towards running and maintenance costs and into providing face-to face training for those who have no formal training in the Word but cannot afford any bible education. Be assured that your investment will be worth its while – both for yourself and because it will be a blessing to others!