Who wants to do the will of God?

//Who wants to do the will of God?

Who wants to do the will of God?

Everyone who has tasted the love of Jesus wants God’s will to be done in their lives. Every time we are at the crossroads, our prayer is for God’s will to be done and for us to have the wisdom to do the right thing. But somehow, somewhere along the way, we sometimes end up making discerning God’s will for our lives a very mystical, “super spiritual” process, which needs a lot of obsessive thinking and frantic spiritual activity. Many times if we are honest with ourselves, we haven’t taken even 1 baby step ahead even in what appeared to be the right direction because ‘what if this is not God’s will for our life’.

When I was a new believer, this used to hold me back a lot. I so badly wanted nothing except God’s will in my life that I used to be paralyzed when it came to decision making. For me a prayer for God to reveal His will is about asking Him to place His desire in my heart, allow him to let circumstances speak to you, calm down, cast your burdens onto Him, ask Him to stop you from taking any wrong decisions and move ahead with what you feel impressed to do – always telling the Lord to close the door at any stage if it is not his will.

Whew. Seems like a lot of hard work. The good news is – as we walk with the Lord over time, discerning His will becomes easier. As always, His Word reveals His will to us. And no matter what the decision you are facing today, you don’t have to be paralyzed by indecision or fear thinking that you may miss the boat by one wrong step. Thankfully, our walk of faith is not a tight rope act!

Do what is right in the light of what has been revealed to you in the Word. Knowing God’s character, you would obviously not want to do something contrary to it. For example, we know God is love. Our decisions have to be driven by love, not hate or fear or a lust for power. We know God is a God of justice. This makes it easier for us to take up the decision to speak up on behalf of the oppressed and the voiceless. If we don’t know the character of our God, we will find it increasingly difficult to do the right thing and will end up constantly second guessing ourselves. When our motives are right – of wanting to make God-honoring choices in our life, you can rest assured we have God backing us up all the way! And gently nudging us back to the right motives if we have drifted away from them.

Dear friends, let’s not get paralyzed by decision-making. Let’s go ahead boldly into the future. God is equally God of our lives whether we are in India or in France. He is as much God in our lives whether we choose to take up a new job or don’t. He is as much God of our life whether we choose to marry or not. Or have children or not. He is God. So let’s stop worrying and enjoy moing ahead, secure in the knowledge that God’s will for us is good!

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do,

and he will establish your plans.” Proverbs 16:3

Have a blessed day!

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