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“Who Is Man That You Visit Him Every Morning?” Think about it! Every morning is a new beginning. And God who is with us all the time, waits for us to turn our attention to Him. How does one do that when caught up in the daily grind, when life seems a monotonous blur of activity? IT IS EASY. Sometimes, all it takes is one impactful scripture to energize us and turn our day the right-side up! A word in season can help the weary and help you get right to the heart of life’s challenges! So set aside a minute every day, away from the hundreds of things that demand your attention and refresh yourself with some encouragement from the Word of God..

What better use of your time?

Five Ways Our Daily Inspiration Can Help You

  • Get to know God better – the ultimate source of all encouragement, wisdom, strength, stability and hope

  • Meditate on a daily Scripture Verse.

  • Reflect on the small inspirational write -up based on the verse

  • Get your own insights to help you apply that Word to your everyday life

  • Say a short prayer for help in living out that Word.

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