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Get Inside The Pages Of Your Bible

Our Bible blog covers various topics of interest and use to anyone who wants more than a quick peek at the daily inspiration/daily devotional most Christians read. If you want to discover more about the many Biblical themes and their relevance to you today and to your place in the sun, useful tips on how to study the bible, interesting posts about the different books in the Bible and how they fit into the overall single unifying message of the Bible and how it matters to you, Bible characters brought to life as flesh and blood characters just like you, interesting insights into God’s dealing with His people down the ages, sign up for our bible blog now.

A little background goes a long way!

Five Ways Our Bible Blog Can Help You

  • Understand the character of God and the nature of His Word better

  • Study a slice of the life of Biblical characters and walk in their shoes to gain insights for you today

  • Allow the Word to shape you and identify practical action points to apply to your walk

  • Cut to the heart of what it is to live out our faith

  • Meet God even in the hard places as you study about His gracious dealings with His people

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